Trinity Square Video

January 25th- February 23rd 2008

Vortices is a multi-media installation that utilizes technology, video projection
and kinetic sculpture. The piece establishes a universal commonality of memories
that are created when traveling and combines them with the optical sensations
associated with air travel. Like other projects in my portfolio, Vortices will use a
structure to dissolve the architecture of the Trinity Square exhibition space. A
temporary arched wall will support more than two thousand ostrich feathers that
will move with a breeze generated by randomly placed clip fans. When viewers enter
the space their presence will activate sensors that give power to the fans. The result
is an erratically stirring architectural plane. Due to the viewer’s inability to focus on
the surface of this structure, the audience will seek stability and address his or her
grounded location. The installation represents the effortlessness with which we
disconnect ourselves from a physical place.

The project also involves two large-scale synchronized projections, which are cast directly onto the feather wall. The footage consists of a collage of video clips that construct a narrative involving a particular journey. In this journey the traveler surrenders the bond with their conscious location and reconnects elsewhere when their destination has been reached. As the feathers agitate, the walls of the gallery dissolve and the viewer’s relationship with the space is compromised. The images projected help emphasize the break down of these same relationships.



Sketchup image of the Vortices project made from the Trinity Square floor plan.