Other Ventures

This was a paint-by-number project done for KultureKlash2. The series was based off the mergence of my mythical and glorified childhood hero’s.


To me the bicycle is the most perfect source of transportation. They are inexpensive, good for the body and planet and fun to ride. Nothing makes less sense to me that using a 4000 pound machine to transport 180 pounds body. Motorized vehicles pollute our air, make noise and they take up too much space even when they are not in use. Think about what our most crowded cities would be like if everyone road a bike. I understand some people have to drive to fulfill their daily responsibilities but most of us don’t. What’s more is that cars force people into debt that in most cases they can’t afford to be in in the first place. So if you can – do yourself a favor – ride a bike. If you own a business install a bike rack. If you do drive give those cyclists a break!

John Candy Does Pavarotti. Filmed in Edmonton during the glory days of SCTV.

This Summer

Currently Jarod Charzewski holds the position of Visiting Assistant Professor in Sculpture at the College of Charleston Studio Art Department in Charleston South Carolina. He has completed one year of that three year appointment.

Along with the traditional sculptural techniques Jarod taught a May Term class in stop motion animation where eight students learned this and other video production techniques. Upon completion of the course each student received a DVD containing their video as well as videos done by their classmates.

This submission titled “Detour: Winnipeg To Panama” was in the art publication Movable Feast Volume 2 in March 2006.